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LinkedIn offers an unparalleled opportunity for B2B advertisers to target decision-making individuals. LinkedIn members use the platform with a purpose – whether that’s to connect with peers, learn industry news, or consume aspirational content.

B2B businesses can achieve great results with LinkedIn ads. We’ve achieved excellent results for clients in industries such as real estate and finance.

However, don’t discount LinkedIn for B2C marketing. Members’ professional lives may influence their personal purchasing behaviours, or help you to discern their relative income to reach your ideal customer.

With advanced targeting, persuasive ad creative and strategic budgeting, you can use LinkedIn ads to find new prospects, generate quality leads and convert interest into action.


We offer Paid LinkedIn services taking a strategic approach to deliver the best possible return on your investment.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Audience Targeting

Through the advertising network, you are able to target individuals by detailed demographic data – location, seniority, even specific company name.

Matched Targeting

Use valuable data from your website or CRM to connect with existing prospects or your current customers

Audience Expansion

Use algorithms to find people similar to your core customers

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